Conference Powerpoint Presentations

  1. William Worodria. AIDS patient with respiratory presentation
  2. Tom Chiller- Putting the AIDS back in AIDS
  3. Tom Chiller- Importance of CD4
  4. Tom Boyles- TB LAM
  5. Taminori Obayashi-BD Glucan
  6. Mathieu Nacher-Histoplasmosis
  7. Malcolm Richardson- Aspergillus IgG
  8. Joel Bazira- Bacteria culture
  9. Jean-Pierre Gangneux -Quality Assurance Systems for serology, Fungal cultures and TDM
  10. Jahit Sacarlala- PCP PCR
  11. Irena Prat- WHO Prequalification of IVDs
  12. Florence Robert-Gangneux- Toxoplasmosis serology
  13. Felix Bongomin- AIDS patient with weight loss and decline
  14. David Meya – CrAg Quantification
  15. David Denning-Galactomannan
  16. David Denning- Resources for learning and public health
  17. Charlotte Sriruttan -Direct Microscopy
  18. Charles Kiyaga- LabCoP ASLM
  19. Chantal Migone- WHO guidelines for managing advanced HIV disease
  20. Arunaloke Chakrabarti -Fungal Culture
  21. Alessandro Pasqualotto- How to minimise unnecessary antimicrobial exposure 12th_Steroids
  22. Afia Zafar -Blood cultures
  23. Juan Luis Rodriguez Tudela- Guatemala demonstration site
  24. David Denning-Essential diagnostic tasks
  25. David Denning-EDL meeting Kampala introduction
  26. David Boulware- CrAg LFAs
  27. Conrad Muzoora- CNS manifestation in HIV
  28. Conference supporters

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