The WHO has launched a new initiative on Essential Diagnostics (EDL), following the model of the Essential Medicines List, focused on low and middle income countries (LMICs). The WHO has also just issued guidance on the management of advanced HIV disease. One of GAFFI’s core objectives is to enable 95% of the world’s population to have timely access to diagnostics for serious fungal infections, including those with AIDS.

The proposed meeting will bring together diagnostic experts in fungal diseases, toxoplasmosis and non-respiratory TB diagnostics with three (3) objectives:

  1. To overview the evidence base for key tests (see agenda) to produce a consensus for recommendation for inclusion in the WHO Essential Diagnostics List.
  2. To provide the specific arguments and diagnostic performance criteria for the EDL applications to the WHO.
  3. To publish a summary report on the Forum, highlighting strengths and weaknesses gaps in our diagnostic test portfolio.

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